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25 March 2012 @ 10:54 am
Avatar Fandom! Meet me at camera two!  
I'm stressed out for RL stuff, so I'm ranting a little here.

I am seeing a lot of outright Korra/Mako hostility. I shouldn't be surprised given that there were mini ship wars in place when the characters designs were released but whatever. I have seen the following:
a) It's too obvious and cheesy!
b) It's only two eps, shipping this early is ridiculous!
c) I'm pissed off that Zutara never happened and it's a slap in my face that they are trying to APPEASE me. (No seriously, I saw this argument being made).

You know what? If I have any beef with the original series (and I feel almost bad having any beef, concerning how incredible the series was overall) it's that they did not develop their romances much. Arguably Aang's connection to Katara was always THERE, but they went from Katara not sure what her feelings were, to making out with him as the final shot, without much to connect the two. Which is fine, I can fill in the gaps, and ending the war is so much more important to the overall story. Our other canon couples; Zuko/Mai got together OFF SCREEN, which I think has a lot to do with it's lack of popularity in general. The only canon couple that really got consistent romantic development is actually Sokka/Suki.

But this time, we are starting not with a 12 year old, but a 16-17 year old. Romantic development is going to be a lot easier. And yeah, I'm calling it, there is Korra/Mako in their first episode together. I did not go into this show planning to ship anything; it wasn't the original show's strength. But the presentation of the story is such that the creators are slanting the odds in this particular ships favor.

So to point a). Yeah, it was obvious, with Mako's come from behind hero's win and Korra's reaction shot, not to mention the 'looking out over the water' parallel. Do I think they were dreaming of each other in that shot? Hell no. But the writers are asking you to see the parallel there. And I loved Bolin; I think with Mako and Bolin we are going to get a great bromance. I think Korra and Bolin are going to get along great. But there's a reason that such spotlight was placed on Mako's character and not Bolin's.

And here's the thing that fandom never wants to admit. MIKE AND BRYAN NEVER PULLED ANY PUNCHES WITH THEIR SHIPS. It's always been explicit. Katara narrates the opening of Aang's saga for heaven's sake. There is no looking underneath for secret clues. They are not trying to trick you.

So to point b). Yeah, it's probably too early to have a BURNING FOREVER LOVE for this ship. But no, it's really not too early to call it.

So to c); I saw someone note that the ship's dynamics are really more of a genderswapped Zuko/Mai and I think you can actually make an argument for it. The only thing that this ship does have in common with Zutara, is the water-fire thing really. They are completely different characters. They do not come with the same baggage that Katara and Zuko would have brought into any potential relationship.

I'm sensing some hostility toward Mako/Korra because there were so many crazy Zutara fans, which is disappointing, because I think Mako/Korra would have a very different ship dynamic.

I for one, am looking forward to them actually developing a romantic relationship ON SCREEN with the main character because we never really got a focus on that (Aang had other things to worry about).

AB out.
anime_babbleanime_babble on March 26th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
It's mostly on tumblr and at the avatarspirit forum. Livejournal has generally been ok.

Most of my original Avatar ships were fanon too...this may be the rare time I actually like the official pairing.