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Am too lazy to type out a list of interests, keep too many colorbars, and babble too much. Read at own risk.

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Athrun x Cagalli is fairy tale love!

Athrun/Cagalli is Enduring Love

Athrun X Cagalli is Gundam SEED Love

Life Goes on is Love

Nomiya x Ayumi is love
Nomiya x Ayumi is love

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Naruto x Hinata is Love

SyaoranxSakura is faithful love

EriolxTomoyo is intuitivelove

XXXHOLiC is on crack love

Zangetsu x Shirayuki is sharp & pointy black & white love.

Takumi and Akira are Pure, Innocent, Sweet Love

Ed x Winry is love.

Baby Elrics are Naive Love <3

Yuuko-sama is smirky love.

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